System RW 71 HI

Window series Realit RW 71HI for the manufacture of energy-efficient “warm” windows with high rates of thermal insulation, air and water permeability. The visible width of the frame profile can be 60, 70 or 80 mm, and sashes 75 or 85 mm. The profile comes with Eurobases 14/18 and 15/20, which makes it possible to use the accessories ROTO, Fapim, Savio, etc.


  • Profile Type: Warm
  • Mounting Depth: 71 mm
  • Filling Thickness: 12-64 mm
  • Thermal inserts: polyamide (25% fiberglass)
  • Furniture groove: yes


  • System energy efficiency
  • Wide functionality
  • Impeccable appearance
  • High security