System RW71HI +

A new “warm” window series, in which the high characteristics of the bearing profiles are combined with their low specific gravity, and the energy efficiency of the system is achieved through thermal bridges made of polyamide, fiberglass reinforced, inserts made of foamed polyethylene, complex thermal solutions and a wide range of filling. Warm windows and Realit® create special indoor conditions and turn the daily living environment into a comfort zone. Systems give maximum freedom of designing objects when planning complex window structures. The basic system size is 71 mm for the frame and 79 mm for the sash. As a filling – double-glazed windows or sandwich panels with a thickness of 20 to 62 mm in the leaf and from 12 to 54 mm in the blind part.

The Realit® RW 71 HI + system is an analogue of the RW 71 window series, but has higher levels of thermal insulation, air, water permeability and sound insulation. The system is strong and durable, perfectly retains heat indoors and provides large areas of glazing for better visibility. Thermal bridges in combined frame and sash profiles with a width of 34 mm are made of polyamide with 25% fiberglass. This material is characterized by low thermal conductivity and guarantees high accuracy of size and shape, strength and resistance to aging. Special profiles made of foamed polyethylene in thermal bridges, having a closed-cell structure, allow to obtain the maximum result in heat preservation even in severe climatic conditions.


  • Profile Type: Warm
  • Mounting Depth: 71 mm
  • Filling Thickness: 12-62 mm
  • Thermal inserts: polyamide (25% fiberglass)
  • Furniture europaz: yes


  • System energy efficiency
  • Wide functionality
  • Impeccable appearance
  • High security