Aluminium profiles is a very popular widespread material in production of different things. It is actively used in  building industry, heavy industry, aircraft industry, and others.  Wide scope of application determines different ways of aluminium profiles production – each of noted above industries has its requirements to type, physical and characteristics of profiles.

Aluminium profiles are used in furniture production for solving practical and esthetic tasks. Very often it is used as main part of furniture frame because of the best mechanical characteristics (durability, plasticity, lightness). It is very popular using aluminium profiles for decorating needs because of wide variety of profiles shapes and colors.

According to using sphere we can split profiles to next categories:

  • industrial standard profiles
  • advertisement profiles
  • furniture profiles
  • automobile profiles
  • radiator profiles
  • solar application profiles

All the kinds of profiles you can order from Terramet Co for the best prices.

You can order as standard profiles from our stock as by personal request.

We can supply to you profiles from reliable factories with confirmed quality according to all international standards.

Besides we can make mechanical treatment with profiles by your technical task:

  • Cutting to necessary size
  • Bending
  • Drilling
  • Painting to any RAL color