FrameLight 30FrameLight 30

Frame light system

The FrameLight system consists of a set of aluminum profiles and a range of accessories for the production of extremely flat lightboxes for interior use. The total thickness of the system is less than 5 cm! These lightboxes can be made in the form of one-sided or two-sided models. The hinged locking profile allows for quick replacement of the poster, as is the case with Interchangeable Frame systems.

The system consists of a base profile, to which a fixing profile is pivotally mounted using a fixing spring of alloy steel. An acrylic plate (Plexiglas GS 1001 and Plexiglas GS 1002), designed specifically for this purpose, is illuminated from the end by a high-performance 16 mm fluorescent lamp or aperture fluorescent lamp, so that the entire plate glows (end-lighting effect). In the FrameLight frame, you can insert plates with a thickness of 5, 8, 10 or 12 mm, depending on the type of profile for the lamp.




Profiles should be cut at an angle of 45 degrees and assembled using special corner joints (137150/620). The base and fixing profiles are interconnected by a fixing spring (137195). The fact that the acrylic plate is attached to the base profile (137600) gives the box construction additional rigidity.

The lamp profile (137614) is screwed through the acrylic plate to the base profile. The profile for the lamp also serves as a supporting surface for the poster and protective plastic. Lighting acrylic plates is carried out mainly on the long end on both sides.

In order to prevent light from penetrating through the oblique sections of the fixing profile, black corners of plastic can be placed under the fixing profile (137630) in the area of ​​corner sections.

With the help of a special element in the base profile, light boxes can be easily attached to the wall. In addition, fine-tuned stainless steel pendants (130650) can be used to suspend the light box.


It is necessary to use special acrylic for front lighting with a thickness of 5.8.10 or 12 mm. For optimal lighting results, the illuminated side faces must be polished. Other parties should be taped in this case.

One of the best options for an end-face acrylic plate is Plexiglas GS 1001 or Plexiglas GS 1002 manufactured by Roehm Degussa.


The FrameLight 30 system is assembled from the following elements:

  • 137622 – FrameLight basic profile 30
  • 137624 – FrameLight 30 basic profile anodized

  • 137626 – Basic Profile FrameLight 30 double-sided
  • 137628 – Basic Profile FrameLight 30 double-sided anodized

  • 137630 – FrameLight fixing profile 30
  • 137632 – FrameLight 30 fixing profile anodized

  • 137613 – Profile for a lamp under acrylic 5 mm
  • 137614 – Profile for a lamp under acrylic 8/10/12 mm

  • 137650 – Suspension kit INOX
  • 137150 – Angular connector 18 mm
  • 137620 – Angular connector 20/30
  • 137196 – Locking spring 30
  • 137642 – Lamp holder 16 mm
  • 137648 – Inductor Philips HF-P 154
  • 137649 – Inductor Philips HF-P 224
  • 137650 – Inductor Philips HF-P 239
  • 137651 – Inductor Philips HF-P 254
  • 137652 – Inductor Philips HF-P 249