Aluminium shim 30х40

Aluminum shim: functions and varieties

Despite their light weight and small size, aluminum shims are important. They are a necessary element for reliable fixing of bolts and nuts. Products are also used to create a uniform pressure, which significantly reduces the likelihood of deformation of structures.

Shims are widely used in almost all industries – in construction, architecture, mechanical engineering, light and food industries. It is no coincidence that aluminum is used to make samples. Metal has a number of important characteristics:

  • Excellent strength.

The main function of the shim is to ensure reliable fixation of various structural elements. The structures can be quite large and heavy. Aluminum is able to withstand significant loads without deforming;

  • Corrosion resistance.

The profile of general construction purpose is often used when carrying out works on external facing of buildings. In this case, it is important to take into account such factors as high humidity, sudden changes in temperature, mechanical damage.

Aluminum shims are able to withstand this load. The high level of wear resistance allows the products to last more than a decade.