Click system

Interchangeable frame systems consist of a set of aluminum profiles and a number of accessories for the assembly of frames, providing the ability to quickly change images. Quick poster replacement is possible due to the frame opening and closing with fixing springs.

The range of profiles includes the Standard model in widths of 18, 20, 32 and 45 mm and the Softline (SL) model in widths of 32 and 45 mm. In addition, there are special Security Profiles (SEC) in widths of 20, 32 and 45 mm, which can only be opened with a locking key.

All profiles can be cut at an angle of 45 degrees and connected using corner connectors. For a number of profiles, plastic rounded corner pads are made, which eliminate the need to cut the profile at an angle.

The base profile always has surface quality after rolling. Fixing profiles can have surface quality after rolling (for painting) or be anodized. On request, profiles and corner plates can be produced in color.