D (diameter), mm
Theor. weight (kg/r.m.)
Aluminium bar 30

Features and Applications of Aluminum Bar

The aluminum circle (bar) is a one-piece circular section, the properties and weight of the aluminum circle may vary depending on the alloy and production technology.

The aluminum used for the manufacture of the bar is not subject to corrosion, which significantly expands the boundaries of its application. To increase the strength and durability, the product is subjected to artificial aging. They are durable and flexible, they conduct electricity well. They can also be joined by welding using argon.

Aluminum is one of the most widespread and versatile metals on the planet and is used in a wide variety of industries and human life. The aluminum circle is used for the construction of both building and advertising structures, elements that conduct electricity, the aluminum circle lends itself well to deformation and machining. Fasteners, brackets, washers, gaskets, bolts, nuts, screws and much more are made from an aluminum circle.